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General Papers

Experimental study of wheel-vehicle aerodynamic interactions
WANG Yifei, SICOT Christophe, BOREE Jacques, GRANDEMANGE Mathieu
Numerical investigation of snow accumulation on the bogies of head car of high-speed trains
Jiabin Wang, Guangjun Gao, Sinisa Krajnovic, Jie Zhang
Forcing three-dimensional large-scale flow asymmetries in the wake of blunt body : wake equilibrium and drag reduction
Yann Haffner, Jacques Borée, Andreas Spohn, Thomas Castelain, Marc Michard, Sylvie Sesmat, Eric Bideaux
Flow Separation Control on Articulated Lorries using Linear AC-DBD Plasma Actuation
Kin Hing Lo
The Effect of Boundary Layer Control with Roughness Elements on the Wake Flow of Moving Train Models
Alexander Buhr, Klaus Ehrenfried
Aerodynamic Design for Advanced Vehicle Platooning Concepts
Geoffrey Le Good
Effects of bogie sections on the unsteady wake of a high-speed train
Zhiwei Zhou
Investigation into the Dynamics of Wheel Spray Released from a Rotating Tyre of a Simplified Vehicle Model
Anton Kabanovs
Comparative numerical analysis of the slipstream caused by trains with different marshalling forms entering a tunnel
Zhen-hua Jiang, Tang-hong Liu, Xiao-dong Chen, Wen-hui Li, Zi-jian Guo, Ji-qiang Niu
Cross-wind; from wind tunnel model to full-scale train
Steve Cochard
Numerical simulation of trucks platooning
Charles-Henri Bruneau, Khodor Khadra, Iraj Mortazavi
Full scale investigation of train aerodynamic flows
David Soper, Chris Baker
The Development of ¼ Model Test Capabilities for Heavy Road Vehicles Drag Reduction Studies
Tamar Domb, Avraham Seifert
Numerical simulation of the bi-stability in the wake of a square-back Ahmed body
Yajun Fan, Chao Xia
Numerical simulations of flow around lorries in platoon
Mingzhe He, Hassan Hemida, David Soper, Mark Sterling, Chris Baker
Aerodynamic Simulation of a Wheel and Tyre with Deformation and Flow Through Contact Patch
Diamantis Tournas
Influence of the Underfloor Geometry of a "Hatchback" type Ground Vehicle in its Drag Coefficient
Matheo Lopez, Omar Dario Lopez, Luis Ernesto Muñoz
Numerical and experimental flow analysis and control of a realistic SUV model
Iraj Mortazavi
Computational Investigation into the Sensitivity of a Simplified Vehicle Wake to Small Base Geometry Changes
Sophie Luckhurst, Hao Xia, Martin Passmore, Adrian Gaylard
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Double-Deck Trucks
Isabel Vallina Garcia, Kairui Wang, Holger Babinsky
Large-eddy simulation of a turbulent flow over the DrivAer fastback vehicle model
Donghyun You
Drag reduction of a yawed car model by combining fluidic flaps and turbulence control
Ruiying Li, Jacques Borée, Bernd Noack, Laurent Cordier, Fabien Harambat
Numerical investigation of high-speed train drag using Partially-averaged Navier-Stokes simulations
Denes Fischer
The Influence of Ground Simulation and Reynolds-number on the Flow around High-Speed Trains
Jonathan Tschepe, Denes Fischer, Christian Navid Nayeri, Christian Oliver Paschereit
Numerical simulation of separation flow control on the Ahmed body using steady micro-jets
Emmanuel Guilmineau
Characterisation of the low-frequency wake dynamics for a square-back vehicle equipped with side trailing edge tapers.
Giancarlo Pavia, Martin Passmore
Fuel economy improvement by means of two European tractor semi-trailer combinations in a platooning formation.
Roy Veldhuizen
Analysis and control of the symmetry breaking wakes behind an Ahmed body by Large Eddy Simulation
Pellerin Stéphanie, Bérengère Podvin
Numerical simulation of air flow in and around an open window bus with passengers.
Pawan Kumar Pant
Unsteady flow structures in the wake of a high-speed train
Chao Xia
Numerical investigation of the flow around a simplified estate car using hybrid RANS/LES method
Delassaux François
Aerodynamic shape optimization through mesh morphing and model order reduction
Angela Scardigli, Rocco Arpa, Edoardo Lombardi, Haysam Telib
Improved Shape Optimization through effective resolution of turbulence
Emilio Baglietto, Javier Garcia, Jorge Muñoz-Paniagua
Numerical Simulations of a 2017 F1 Car: Influence of Setup and Slipstreaming on Aerodynamic Performance
Umberto Ravelli, Marco Savini
Boat-tailing effects on wake dynamics and force fluctuations
Guillaume Bonnavion, Olivier Cadot, Vincent Herbert, Sylvain Parpais, Rémi Vigneron, Jean Délery
Numerical simulation study of snow and ice issue on high-speed EMU bogie based on multiphase flow models using STAR-CCM+
Mingyang Liu
The Influence of Bogies on Train Aerodynamic Performances and Surrounding Flow
Tianyun Dong
Numerical Simulation of the Flow Around a Train model with Uniform and Non-uniform Crosswinds
Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi, Hassan Hemida
Surface pressure on trains under tornado-like wind field
Frederick Bourriez
Numerical study of the influence of synthetic turbulent inflow conditions on the aerodynamics and pressure distribution of a train
Chen Guang
Experimental Investigations on Windscreen-Pilot Aerodynamic Interactions on a Race Motorbike
Giampaolo Romano
Computational study of a car aerodynamics using the Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes approach
Jan Viher
Prediction of Micro-Pressure Waves phenomena in long train tunnels using 3D-CFD
Jan Östh
An investigation into the influence of reduced Reynolds number in experiments on the wake of a realistic passenger vehicle
Terence Avadiar, Mark Christopher Thompson, John Sheridan, David Burton
Pressure transients caused by trains passing
Stefanie Gillmeier
Different aerodynamic performances between single and double unit trains
Zi-Jian Guo, Tang-Hong Liu, Zheng-Wei Chen, Xiao-Dong Chen, Zhen-Hua Jiang
Minivan car wake stability vs. Ahmed body
Olivier Cadot
An experimental investigation of slipstream and static pressure around a platoon of lorries
Francis Henry Robertson, David Soper, Mingzhe He, Chris Baker, Mark Sterling, Hassan Hemida
Unsteady-pressure measurements of a high-speed train in a transient crosswind moving-model experiment.
James R Bell, Klaus Ehrenfried, Claus Wagner
Boundary layer measurements of full-scale operational freight trains
James Bell, Timothy Crouch, David Burton, Tony McGreevy, Mark Thompson
Influence of cavities on pressure waves inside of high-speed railway tunnels
Daniela Heine, Klaus Ehrenfried, Helmut Kühnelt, Stefan Lachinger, Michael Rudolph, Alois Vorwagner, Florian Saliger
Study on the Formation Process of Entry Compression Waves Generated by a High-speed Train Entering Tunnel.
Rohit Sankaran Iyer, Dong Hyeon Kim, Tae Ho Kim, Heuy Dong Kim