June 13th 2018 Training Course (* IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE. See details below)

9:00-10:00 Registration

10:00-12:00 Lectures

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 Lectures

14:30-15:00 Coffee break

15:00-19:00 Hands on sessions

20:00 Dinner


June 14th 2018 Workshop Day #1 (* IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

9:00-10:15           Registration

Session 0 – Opening

10:15-10:30        Welcome            Torricelli & Ferrari

10:30-11:00        Keynote
Rinaldo Cubeddu
Time domain diffuse optics for noninvasive monitoring of biological tissue

Session 1 - Data analysis

11:00-11:15        Talk 1
Popeo, Caffini, Bifone
Use of fNIRS to study functional connectivity in newborn brain: validation of a source-space data analysis approach

11:15-11:30        Talk 2
Aarabi, Huppert
Effect of data length on the reliability of resting-state fNIRS functional connectivity measures

11:30-11:45        Talk 3
Gemignani, Middell, Barbour, Graber, Blankertz
Improving The Analysis Of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Data With Multivariate Classification Of Hemodynamic Patterns: A Theoretical Formulation And Validation

11:45-12:00        Talk 4
Leroux, Tzourio-Mazoyer, Mellet, Zago, Joliot, Mazoyer
Discrepancy between real-world and standard EEG locations when using conventional source-detector separation in NIRI

12:00-13:00        Lunch break

Session 2 - Hardware

13:00-13:30        Invited 1
Turgut Durduran
Non-invasive, bed-side measurement of cerebral blood flow: current trends and future directions

13:30-13:45        Talk 5
Giovannella, Andresen, De Carli, Pagliazzi, Fumagalli, Greisen, Contini, Pifferi, Spinelli, Durduran, Weigel, Torricelli
The BabyLux device: a hybrid diffuse optical device for monitoring the neonatal infant brain

13:45-14:00        Talk 6
Pagliazzi, Konugolu Venkata Sekar, Colombo, Di Sieno, Martinenghi, Contini, Dalla Mora, Torricelli, Pifferi, Durduran
Time Domain Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy Enhances Brain to Scalp, Skull Sensitivity

14:00-14:15        Talk 7
Spinelli, Contini, Pifferi, Torricelli, Wabnitz, Weigel, Isler, Ostojic, Wolf
Comparison of Time Domain and Frequency Domain Tissue Oximeters on a Blood-Lipid Liquid Phantom

14:15-14:30        Talk 8
Contini, Buttafava, Dalla Mora, Renna, Zanoletti, Pifferi, Tosi, Torricelli
Compact Time-Domain NIRS systems based on solid-state technologies

14:30-14:45        Talk 9
Mammarella, Bianco, Lancia, Bocchi, Choi, Baek, Piccardi, Quaresima, Ferrari
Prefrontal cortex activation during a topographic memory task revealed by a wireless fNIRS/DOT system

14:45-15:15        Coffee break

Session 3 - Neonatology

15:15-15:45        Invited 2
Monica Fumagalli
Cerebral NIRS in clinical neonatology: the SafeBoosc and BabyLux experience

15:45-16:15        Invited 3
Nadege Roche-Labarbe
Searching for neonatal indicators of neurocognitive development and vulnerability

16:15     16:30     Talk 10
Brigadoi, Galderisi, Cutini, Basso Moro, Lolli, Meconi, Benavides-Varela, Baraldi, Amodio, Cobelli, Trevisanuto, Dell'Acqua
Long-term continuous monitoring of the preterm brain with diffuse optical tomography and electroencephalography

16:30-16:45        Talk 11
De Carli, Andresen, Giovannella, Durduran, Contini, Spinelli, Passera, Torricelli, Fumagalli, Greisen
Brain oxygenation and hemodynamics in term infants during transition: data from combined time resolved near-infrared spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy (BabyLux)

Session 4 - Poster Session and Exhibition

17:00-18:00        Poster Session and Exhibition

18:00-19:00        Reception


June 15th 2018 Workshop Day #2 (* IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

8:30-9:00             Registration

Session 5 - Adult cognitive

9:00-9:30             Invited 3
Ann-Christine Ehlis
Application of fNIRS as a novel neurofeedback tool

9:30-9:45             Talk 12
Balconi, Pezard, Nandrino, Vanutelli
Intra and inter-brain synchrony of strategic cooperation. A hyperscanning study by fNIRS

9:45-10:00           Talk 13
Grazioli , Maggioni, Crippa, Brambilla, Mandelli, Mauri, Rosi, Molteni, Nobile
From fMRI to fNIRS. Implementing emotional continuous performance task protocol: a pilot study on an adult population

10:00-10:15        Talk 14
Borot, Vergotte, Pageaux, Laroche,Lepers, Perrey
Functional connectivity during eccentric and concentric motor task: different organization of the attention network

10:15-10:30        Talk 15
Borot, Pageaux, Laroche, Vergotte, Lepers Perrey
Greater mental demand during eccentric compared to concentric cycling is associated with different prefrontal and parietal cortical responses

10:30-11:00        Coffee break

Session 6 - Adult clinical

11:00-11:30        Invited 5
Leonardo Gottin
The role of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) in the monitoring of cardiac surgery patients

11:30-11:45        Talk 16
Bonzano, Pedullà, Bisio, Brichetto, Bove
Neural correlates of neck proprioceptive inputs integration for spatial orientation

11:45-12:00        Talk 17
Vanutelli, Venturella, Brambilla, Tura, Beneduce, Rillosi, Rossi, Cotelli, Balconi
Learning to regulate emotions in Schizophrenia with neurofeedback. First evidences with fNIRS and EEG

12:00-12:15        Talk 18
Uslu, Nuzket, Zeybek, Doganavsargil-Baysal, Cinemre, Canpolat
Evaluation of Executive Functions with Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Bipolar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder

12:15-12:30        Talk 19
Giacalone, Zanoletti, Re, Germinario, Contini, Spinelli, Torricelli, Roveri
Optical properties and hemodynamic parameters of cerebral atrophic and normal regions in healthy volunteers

12:30-12:45        Talk 20
Perpetuini, Cardone, Bucco, Zito, Merla
Complexity analysis of fNIRS signal for the assessment of memory impairments in Alzheimer’s disease

12:45     13:00     Talk 21
Balconi, Siri, Meucci, Pezzoli, Angioletti
Gambling Behavior in Parkinson’s Disease: What About a Hemodynamic Protocol

13:00-14:00        Lunch

Session 7 - Poster Session  and Exhibition

14:00-15:00        Poster Session and Exhibition

15:00-15:30        Coffee break

Session 8 - Round table

15:30-16:30        Towards guidelines and standardization in cerebral oximetry and fNIRS

Session 9 - Closing

16:30     17:00     Closing remarks


*Short description of the lectures in the Training course (in ITALIAN LANGUAGE)

- Lorenzo Spinelli (Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie CNR, Italy) - Principi di ottica dei tessuti
- Davide Contini (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) – Strumentazione per NIRS e fNIRS
- Antonio Chiarelli (Università degli Studi di Chieti e Pescara, Italy) – Approcci multimodali per fNIRS
- Sabrina Brigadoi (Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy) – Pre-processamento di dati fNIRS: artefatti da movimento e interferenze sistemiche
- Matteo Caffini (CIMeC - Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy) – Analisi di segnali fNIRS con metodi GLM e SPM: risoluzione spaziale e ricostruzione delle sorgenti
- Simone Cutini (Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy) – Tecniche di neuronavigazione per il posizionamento e la localizzazione dei sensori fNIRS


*Short description of the hands on sessions in the Training course (in ITALIAN LANGUAGE)

Some SMEs among the leaders in the market of medical devices for cerebral oximetry and fNIRS will be present with fully operating instrumentation. The participants, divided in small groups, will actively interact with the SMEs to explore the potentiality of the devices.