Il Congresso Nazionale della Società Chimica Italiana SCI2020, alla sua XXVII edizione, si svolgerà a Milano e vuole essere un punto di incontro e di confronto per tutto il mondo della chimica in Italia. Il programma prevede sessioni scientifiche parallele per rappresentare al meglio tutti i settori della ricerca chimica.

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Modelling of Physiological Flows - the Integrated Heart

Congress organized within the EU ERC-ADG - Advanced Grant iHEART Project ID: 740132 - iheart.polimi.it

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The aim of the Conference is to provide a major forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion on the latest advances in the field of wind engineering, bluff-body aerodynamics, structural dynamics and reliability, wind modelling and forecast, wind energy

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The Legacy of Carlo Cercignani: from Kinetic Theory to Turbulence Modeling

Il convegno vuole rendere omaggio alla figura di Carlo Cercignani, a dieci anni dalla sua scomparsa.
Cercignani, che fu uno dei massimi esperti a livello mondiale della teoria cinetica e dell'equazione di
Boltzmann, insegnò e svolse le sue ricerche per decenni presso il Dipartimento di Matematica del
Politecnico di Milano.
Il convegno sarà un momento di incontro tra diverse aree di sviluppo della teoria cinetica (matematica,
fisico/ingegneristica e numerica) alle quali Cercignani diede numerosi e significativi contributi.

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ESREL2020 PSAM15 combines the 30th European Safety and Reliability Conference and the 15th Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management Conference, and will be held in Venice, Italy, on June 21-26, 2020.

It will be a unique World Exposition (a real "Expo Tech") of scientific methodologies and technical solutions for the reliable design and operation of components and systems, for the prevention and management of risk in complex systems and critical infrastructures.

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Mies Van Der Rohe. The Architecture of the city

On the 50th anniversary of the death of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Politecnico di Milano, the AUIC School of Architecture and the ABC Department intend to commemorate the Master through an Exhibition and an international Conference.


The Conference focuses on the theoretical-design aspects of the complex relationship between architecture and the city in Mies's work which includes the contribution of invited experts who themselves have operatively interacted with the built work of Mies. The Conference also involves the participation of architects and selected researchers with a call for papers.

On the 50th anniversary of the death of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Politecnico di Milano, the AUIC School of Architecture and the ABC Department would like to commemorate the Master through an Exhibition and an international Conference.

The Conference focuses on the theoretical-design aspects of the complex relationship between architecture and the city in Mies's work which includes the contribution of invited experts who themselves have operatively interacted with the built work of Mies. The Conference also involves also the participation of architects and selected researchers with a call for papers.

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Analytic and Geometric Aspects of PDEs

This workshop gathers researchers in the areas of geometric analysis and partial differential equations. The main focus is on the studies of questions originating in Differential Geometry or Mathematical Physics, employing tools from Calculus of Variations and PDE’s.

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The entrepreneurial finance landscape has changed consistently over the last years and many new players, with a variety of investment goals and investment approaches, have entered the arena. Besides VCs and BAs, the development of on-line platforms have created new opportunities for entrepreneurs to raise seed capital and for non-professional investors to disintermediate their investments. Reflecting the breadth of financial instruments that are potentially available to new ventures (e.g. VC financing, BAs, CF, CL, proof-of-concepts), the conference will deal with the changing ecosystem of entrepreneurial finance, currently transformed by the Fintech revolution and by the entrance of new actors in the arena and will investigate the challenges (and opportunities) this new financial environment creates for policy makers. The conference will provide an overview of the trends, challenges, and policy implications that derive from the new entrepreneurial finance landscape (e.g. players’ characteristics, investment objectives and strategies, social network effects, effectiveness in solving ventures’ financial constraints) and will spur the debate on how regulatory intervention and policy can cope with these new paradigms.

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VENTO Bici Tour 2019

Due lunghi weekend di pedalata collettiva costellati di eventi e occasioni culturali nei territori attraversati da VENTO, il progetto della futura dorsale cicloturistica di oltre 700 km da VEnezia a TOrino lungo gli argini del fiume Po.

Pedala con noi da venerdì 24 maggio a lunedì 27 giugno, da Chivasso a Piacenza, e poi ancora da venerdì 31 maggio a lunedì 3 giugno da Reggio Emilia a Venezia.


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ANALISI19 - Corso di Introduzione al Calcolo Infinitesimale

logo effediesse

Corso per studenti delle classi 4 e 5 della scuola secondaria di II grado

Costo di iscrizione: 75 euro.


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STORIAMATE19 - Breviario minimo di storia della matematica, spunti per insegnare

logo effediesse

Corso per insegnanti di matematica della scuola secondaria di II grado, tenuto dalla prof.ssa Ana Millan Gasca dell'Università di Roma La Sapienza.

Costo di iscrizione: 100 euro.


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15th International Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams

Numerical modelling has become the indispensable and powerful tool for design and safety assessment of dams. The tremendous development of computer hardware and software over the last decades has made it possible the present extraordinary  development of computer-based methods. The benchmark-workshops organized by the International Committee On Large Dams (ICOLD) since 1991 provide an excellent opportunity for engineers, researchers and operators to present and exchange their experiences and the latest developments related to the design, performance and monitoring of dams.

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The XIV Italian Conference on Supramolecular Chemistry will be held in Lecce on June 6-8, 2019. The Conference continues a quite long tradition started in 1992, gathering Italian researchers operating in this multidisciplinary field. The aim of the Conference is to provide a forum to discuss all aspects of supramolecular chemistry and self-assembly, and also topics on materials and nanoscience, following the spirit and style of the thirteen preceding conferences.

The program will comprise invited and selected lectures by Italian renowned leaders in the field. Posters presentations are also scheduled and opportunities are planned for young scientists’ networking with both peers and recognized leaders in the field.

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Resilient Built Environment for Sustainable Mediterranean Countries

The international conference, belonging to the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) series of conferences, is organized by Politecnico di Milano with four international organizations:

  • International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB, www.cibworld.nl);
  • International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE, www.iisbe.org);
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UN environment, www.unenvironment.org);
  • International Federation of Consulting Engineers (www.fidic.org).

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Microinquinanti e contaminanti emergenti: testimonianze, soluzioni e prospettive - Aula Rogers, 11-12 giugno 2018

A distanza di più di quattro anni dal primo convegno organizzato dal Politecnico di Milano nel febbraio 2014 (http://www.dica.polimi.it/mie) un gruppo di Enti di ricerca: Politecnico di Milano DICA, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche IRSA, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca DISAT, unitamente alla Lariana Depur, nell’ambito delle attività promosse da Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) attraverso l'Area di Competenza “Water Energy Nexus”, ha ritenuto che fosse il momento di promuovere una ulteriore riflessione sui microinquinanti e contaminanti emergenti per analizzare il rischio, la presenza ed evoluzione nelle acque naturali, il ruolo delle istituzioni, le norme e la loro evoluzione a livello lombardo, nazionale ed europeo. In questo contesto, il convegno allarga l’orizzonte anche ai prioritari ed emergenti in ambito municipale ed industriale, alle tecniche di rimozione convenzionale e alle tecniche più avanzate, considerando altresì esempi applicativi nazionali ed internazionali, inclusa l’esperienza della Svizzera che ha avviato una strategia nazionale di contenimento di questi inquinanti.

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Joint Italian-French Workshop on "Cerebral oximetry and functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)"

The Joint Italian-French Workshop on "Cerebral oximetry and functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)" will be held in Milan (Italy), hosted at Politecnico di Milano, on June 14th - 15th 2018.

This workshop gathers NIRS and fNIRS developers, users, and potential users to spend a couple of days discussing advances in the field and best practices.

The event should be of particular interest to the Italian and French fNIRS community, but all are welcome to attend.

We will have invited speakers, contributed talks and poster sessions, panel discussions, as well as lunch and an evening reception.

Official language of the event will be English.

Registration to the Workshop is FREE but MANDATORY (maximum of 140 participants, first-come first-served basis).


On 13th June 2018 a Training course (in Italian language) will be held with lectures and hands on sessions. The registration fee is 100€.(maximum of 40 participants, first-come first-served basis).

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International Seminar on Nuclear Reactor Core Thermal Hydraulics Analysis

The seminar is an international forum of engineers and researchers from various countries and organizations, who are active in the thermohydraulics aspects of design and safety of advanced concepts of nuclear reactors, and is being aimed at exchanging ideas and technical information, at keeping them abreast of the most recent progresses in the technology and at providing young professionals and students with the most updated knowledge. The seminar consists of keynote lectures, panel discussions, technical paper presentations and a poster sessions on various flow and heat transfer problems being encountered in applied research, analysis, experimentation and design practices.

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Softening the Habitats: Sustainable Innovation in Minimal Mass Structures and Lightweight Architectures

The 6th TensiNet International Symposium 2019 “Softening the Habitats: Sustainable Innovations in Minimal Mass Structures and Lightweight Architectures” is organized by the TensiNet Association in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, ABC Department and Textile Hub and it will take place from June 3rd to June 5th 2019 at Politecnico di Milano, in Milan, Italy.

The 2019 TensiNet Symposium will hold a number of academic discussions and exhibits on current innovations, trends and strategies in the field of lightweight membrane structures and future technologies, tensile and pneumatic structures, textile architecture, membranes and foils, ultra-lightweight constructions and structural skins. Get ready for three immersive days on what’s new and ongoing in textiles and polymer science, lightweight structures, construction engineering, architecture, design and more!


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ANALISI18 - Il calcolo infinitesimale nei licei non scientifici - una proposta didattica

logo effediesse

Corso di formazione per insegnanti
Il calcolo infinitesimale nei licei non scientifici - una proposta didattica
(prof. Marco Bramanti)
Corso di 5 incontri di 3 ore l’uno a Marzo – Aprile 2018

Lunedì 12/3/2018 Lunedì 19/3/2018Lunedì 26/3/2018
Lunedì 9/4/2018
Lunedì 16/4/2018

Laboratorio Effediesse
Dipartimento di Matematica del Politecnico di Milano
dalle ore 14:30 alle ore 17:30

Il costo complessivo del corso per ciascun partecipante è di 75 euro.

pagina web del Corso su EFFEDIESSE

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26th Annual Meeting of European Working Group on Internal Erosion


The European Working Group on Internal Erosion (EWGIE) was set up in 1993 to focus on the vulnerability of dams to internal erosion. After the inaugural workshop on definitions and needs in 2005, the Working Group has regularly organized annual meetings to share knowledge on soil internal erosion in water retaining structures, such as embankment dams, dikes, levees, and their foundations, with a participation of scientists and engineers from universities, research institutes, industries and public bodies.

(in the picture: Preparatory study for an inland waterway along Arno river, Leonardo da Vinci, c.1503)

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17th European Conference On Non-Linear Optical Spectroscopy

Annual meeting devoted to diverse topics in the rapidly expanding field of nonlinear optical spectroscopy. Milan 8-11 April 2018

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Nuove luci sui ponti sospesi e strallati

Lo scopo di questo incontro e`di collegare modelli e metodi matematici con la progettazione e la costruzione di ponti sospesi e strallati. Da una parte si vogliono illustrare gli strumenti matematici disponibili, dall'altra come essi vengono utilizzati in fase di progettazione e di costruzione. Gli interventi copriranno una vasta gamma che va dall'aspetto teorico fino alla fase di messa in opera, con le problematiche che sorgono (stabilita`elasticita`azione del vento, usura) e con le possibili soluzioni pratiche. L'incontro e'aperto a tutti coloro che abbiano un minimo di interesse nell'argomento.

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XX Congresso Nazionale di Catalisi – XX Congresso Nazionale della Divisione di Chimica Industriale (GIC-DiChIn2018)

Il comitato organizzatore è lieto di invitarvi a partecipare al XX Congresso Nazionale di Catalisi – XX Congresso Nazionale della Divisione di Chimica Industriale organizzato congiuntamente dal Gruppo Interdivisionale di Catalisi (GIC) e dalla Divisione di Chimica Industriale della Società Chimica Italiana.

Il congresso avrà luogo a Milano dal 2 al 5 settembre 2018 presso il Politecnico di Milano nel Campus Bovisa Sud.

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2018 Alterman Conference and School on Geometric Algebra and Kähler Calculus

The third Summer School and Conference on Kähler Calculus is sponsored by Eric Alterman and will take place at the Politecnico di Milano University, Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Milano (Italy) from July 23rd to July 27th.

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ALDO ROSSI. Perspectives from the World

Twenty years after the death of Aldo Rossi, Politecnico di Milano organize an exhibition and a Call for papers for the Conference ALDO ROSSI. PERSPECTIVES FROM THE WORLD dedicated to the Milanese master, with the aim of celebrate a fundamental figure of Italian and international architectural culture, as well as student and professor at the Faculty of Architecture.

acronimo: conferencealdorossi

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GEOSPA17 - Geometria nello spazio

logo effediesse

Corso di formazione per insegnanti di scuola secondaria
Geometria nello spazio – Una proposta didattica
(prof. Paolo Dulio)
Corso di 5 incontri a ottobre - dicembre 2017:

Mercoledì 25/10 Venerdì 10/11 Venerdì 17/11 Mercoledì 22/11 Venerdì 01/12

Laboratorio Effediesse
Dipartimento di Matematica del Politecnico di Milano
dalle ore 14:30 alle ore 17:30

Il costo complessivo del corso per ciascun partecipante è di 75 euro.

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The Science of Making Torque from Wind (TORQUE 2018)

International Scientific Conference on Wind Energy. The Conference is organized under the auspices of the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE).

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Validation in Flood Risk Modelling: combining scientific, policy and market perspectives


Politecnico di Milano - 20 - 21 November 2017


Although often-neglected, model validation is a key topic in flood risk analysis, as flood risk assessments are presently characterised by significant levels of uncertainty. Indeed, since large investments for flood risk reduction are made based on flood risk estimates and maps, decision makers must be aware of the limitations of accuracy of risk models.

In December 2014, an expert workshop was held in Delft, The Netherlands, under the auspices of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). On that occasion, over 50 experts from 10 countries discussed model validation with respect to all the elements of flood risk analysis, namely (1) hazard and inundation modelling, (2) failure and reliability modelling of flood defences, (3) flood damage modelling, and (4) the integration of hazards, failures and damage to compute risk.

In continuity with the workshop, a special session was organised at the Third European Conference on Flood Risk Management (FloodRisk 2016) in Lyon, France, on 19  October 2016. The session brought together scientists, policy makers and representatives from the insurance sector to discuss the key challenges in flood  hazard estimation and risk assessment, with a focus on the need to pay more attention to model validation. The most important conclusion from the events was that the lack of observational data is the main limitation to perform validation. As a consequence, the standardised collection of data on hazard, failure and impacts should be promoted and must become a common practice after every flood event. Meanwhile, the need of proposing benchmarks for the set-up of hazard, failure and impact analyses validation arose, in order to promote the adoption of “good” validation practices by both researchers and practitioners. With respect to this, a greater commitment of end-users into the debate on flood risk models validation is desirable, in order to tailor validation practices towards real needs.

In continuity with the previous initiatives, in this workshop we want first to understand whether there have been significant improvements in the state of art of flood model validation, with respect to what emerged three years ago; this implies also the analysis of changes in research needs.  Particular emphasis will be put on the two main critical aspects emerged in the first workshop, that is data collection and benchmarking.

Further, we want to extend the audience to policy makers and the insurance sector as the main stakeholders involved in flood risk management; we want to discuss with them on the key challenges in flood risk assessment, with a special focus on the need to pay attention to model validation.

In this workshop, we will work together to update the state-of-the art in flood risk assessment as well as in the priorities for the research agenda on flood risk models validation.


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13th International Conference on Textile Composites

TEXCOMP is a unique biannual international conference series fully dedicated to textile composites. It has also gained its primary place among major composites conferences in the world. The TEXCOMP conferences started in 1992 at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, and since then it has toured around the world. Traditionally, this conference series covers a broad range of research topics from innovative reinforcements and composites manufacturing methods to aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, marine, biomedical and other applications. Such topics as computational modeling, predictive analysis, mechanical characterization and non-destructive evaluation of textile composites have also major roles in the scope of this conference series. The 2018 conference will be hosted, for the first time, by ‘Politecnico di Milano’ in Italy.

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The 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics 2018, 3-7 August | Milano, Italy




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Welcome to the web site of the Third International Conference in numerical and experimental aerodynamics of road vehicles and trains. This conference is meant as a place where engineers and researchers can exchange their ideas in ground vehicle aerodynamics. It is meant as a forum for engineers and scientists from industry (manufacturers and operators of road vehicles and trains) and universities for presentations and discussions of the relevant advances in vehicle aerodynamics techniques. The conference is organized and hosted by Politecnico di Milano, in cooperation with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, and will take place from 13 to 15 June 2018 in Milan, Italy.

The best talks will be selected by the scientific board during the conference for review and possible inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. All participants and speakers should be registered respecting conference deadlines.

The conference will start on Wednesday, 13th June 2018, and will end on Friday, 15th June 2018.

Download the conference flyer for further information.

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Polimi Fintech Journey

Serie di workshops divulgativi sul tema fintech rivolti a accademici, studenti ed esponenti dell'industria, dall'intermediazione finanziaria a bitcoin, da machine learning a big data, da blockchain a cybersecurity.

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Transforming care conference 2017: Innovation and sustainability

This conference is aimed at investigating how care is transforming in these turbulent, multifaceted and changing contexts. It focuses on the tensions between policy and social innovation in care policies on the one hand, and pressures for financial and social sustainability of care systems on the other. Care policies not only need to respond to changing care needs by providing good quality services, but also to be financially and socially sustainable, also in a long-term and inter-generational perspective, and from the perspectives of care users, their families and paid care workers. This is a difficult challenge for policies as well as for informal and formal care practices, with strong implications as to how care services and care work are organized and provided.

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Envisioning the City of the Future: Making the Invisible Visible

Envisioning the sharing society and city of the future is the goal of the international competition open to students, graduates and professionals. Participants are asked to imagine and design possible scenarios of the city of the future, starting from the values that the “sharing society” is promoting: How will smart and sharing cities look like in the future? How are these changes going to impact on people’s lives in cities?

The area of interest is the open space and the street facing the Smart City Lab which is going to be built in via Ripamonti 88 in Milan in 2018 by the Municipality of Milan. This new urban service will become a business incubator in support of start-ups working on smart city projects and an urban hub open to the public.

Participants will have to produce spherical panoramas of these scenarios. Simulations of the selected projects will be presented in an immersive way to a wide audience using Head Mounted Displays during the final event (June 2017).

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Partial Differential Equations and Related Analytic-Geometric Inequalities

This workshop is concerned with a number of aspects of the theory of linear and nonlinear PDEs. Attention will also be paid to questions arising from mathematical models in applied sciences. The analysis of related issues of functional analysis, mainly Sobolev type inequalities, and of convex analysis, specifically from the theory of convex bodies, also falls within the scopes of the present workshop.

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Second Workshop on Research into Nuclear Fuel and Cladding in Europe

The NuFuel workshop is organized under the auspices of the Joint Program on Nuclear Materials (JPNM) fostered by the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and aims to establish fruitfully and long-lasting collaboration between European institutes, to provide a forum where dialogue between experts is encouraged, and to give students and young researchers the possibility to present their work and discuss with specialist in the field.

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IFASD2017International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics

The International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics (IFASD) is the most important event for engineers and researchers working in the fields of aeroelasticity and structural dynamics, since the first event of 1981. Following the success of the IFASD2015 held in Saint Petersburg, the 2017 forum will be held in Como, Italy.

IFASD 2017 is intended to give a comprehensive snapshot of the current status of research activities and industrial practice in the fields of Aerospace Vehicle Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics, Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization, and Active and Adaptive Structures. It will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists and engineers from industry, research centers and universities to exchange knowledge and findings of current studies, and to discuss directions for future research. Contributions are sought covering all technical areas relating to aeroelasticity and structural dynamics.

IFASD 2017 will be organized by the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano, with the support of AIDAA – Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica.

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Trends in Graph Theory and Combinatorics 2017

The main aim of the workshop is to present recent results and open problems in the area of Graph Theory and Combinatorics, also in connection with some applications in Engineering and Computer Science.


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Corso di Introduzione al calcolo differenziale per Licei Classici

logo effediesse Corso di 6 incontri al lunedì pomeriggio dal 16 ottobre 2017 al 20 novembre 2017 per studenti delle classi 4 e 5 del Liceo.
Si veda la pagina relativa sul sito FDS

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The PhD course LIFE2MATH: A MATHEMATICAL SHUTTLE FROM MOLECULES TO NEURONS TO FUNCTIONS AND BACK (shortly, LIFE2MATH) builds upon the following past initiatives activated at Politecnico di Milano (shortly, PoliMi):


  1. Workshop "Integrated Multidisciplinary Approaches in the Study and Care of the Human Eye", Dip. di Matematica Univ. degli Studi di Milano, Dip. di Matematica PoliMi: 26-27 June 2013, http://www.mat.unimi.it/retinaworkshop13/
  2. PhD Course: "Multiscale Modeling of Interface Phenomena in Biology",      Dip. di Matematica PoliMi: 17-21 March 2014
  3. PhD Course: "Multidisciplinary Approaches in the Study of Biological Fluids and Tissues: Mathematical Modeling and Clinical Experience", Dip.to di Matematica, PoliMi: 20-24 April 2015 (https://www.eko.polimi.it/index.php/EyePhD2015/EyePhD2015)
  4. the "International Congress of Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Glaucoma (ICATTG)", PoliMi: 29-31 October 2015. (http://www.glaucomacongress.com/ and http://www.glaucomacongress.com/downloads/ICATTG2015_Recap.pdf)

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Third International Symposium on FATIGUE DESIGN and MATERIAL DEFECTS

The fatigue properties of materials/components are usually controlled by the presence of defects due to the manufacturing process that significantly reduce the fatigue strength and service life with respect to the theoretical values of a material. In general, the presence of defects accelerates the initial phase of fatigue damage, a process that involves a volume of a few microstructural units.

Therefore, non-metallic inclusions with dimensions of the order of ten microns play a key role in the fatigue strength of bearings and springs. Microfolds and oxide entrapments with dimensions of the order of 100 microns can be critical for the fatigue properties of forged components. Inhomogeneities and defects (gas pores, cavities) of larger size affect the quality of metal castings and modern Additive Manufacturing processes.


The concepts of defect tolerant design, developed more than 20 years ago, aim to cover the gap between simple stress-based design approaches with generous safety factors, the methods developed for fracture assessment of components and NDE requirements.

The ability to predict fatigue properties and service life of components in relation to their manufacturing process is of special interest also for the modern Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes, whose rapid evolution needs efficient tools for product development, fatigue assessment and component qualifications.


Following the successful symposia of Trondheim in 2011 and Paris in 2014, these topics will be discussed at the Third International Symposium on Fatigue Design and Material Defects - 3, to be held in September 2017 in Lecco, Italy.


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Quis dubitet hominem coniungere caelo?

The XVI Congress of the Italian Society for Archaeoastronomy (SIA) will offer the opportunity of a dialogue between different cultures on the relationship between man and cosmos in human civilizations, from prehistoric epoch to the present day.

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Modelli probabilistici

Corso di Formazione per docenti di Scuola Secondaria, tenuto dal prof. Marco Bramanti, all'interno delle attività di Effediesse.

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4th Workshop on the Efficiency in Education

Milan (Italy), October 20th and 21st, 2016

The purpose of the Workshop is to focus on specific challenges for the educational sector, bringing together scholars from various disciplines and fields, for debating together about the present and future challenges in the area of educational efficiency and performance measurement, and policy and managerial implications of the results obtained by ongoing research.

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Young Investigators Conference 2017

Milano (Italy), September 13rd - 15th, 2017

YIC2017 is a conference specifically designed for young researchers working in the areas of computational science and engineering.

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Sustainable Energy for All by Design

The Sustainable Energy For All by Design Conference 2016 is a trans disciplinary platform for sharing the latest knowledge and experiences in sustainable energy for all system development and dissemination, from the design, research, education and practice perspectives. This conference is promoted and organised as the conclusive event of the LeNSes project, funded by the EU under the Edulink II program, that aims at the development and diffusion of capacity and curricula on System Design for Sustainable Energy for All (SD4SEA). The Cape Peninsula University of Technology, an active member of the LeNSes project, is honoured to host this important event. The University’s rigorous approach to Design, Development and Research is made manifest in its collaboration with the LeNSes Sustainable Energy For All by Design Conference in 2016.

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Dai programmi di geometria del secondo biennio, e da quelli riguardanti il quinto anno, non si evincono particolari suggerimenti riguardanti l’articolazione logica dei contenuti, i quali vengono descritti attraverso uno scarno elenco di temi proposti.

Spicca tuttavia l’indicazione esplicita di “approfondire la comprensione della specificità dei due approcci (sintetico e analitico) allo studio della geometria”.

Da questa indicazione si possono trarre due deduzioni. Innanzitutto che i due approcci (sintetico e analitico) devono essere stati già presentati e discussi nel primo biennio, poi che la menzionata specificità sembra implicarne l’incomunicabilità reciproca.

Questo induce a classificare, e a trattare separatamente, argomenti e problemi di tipo sintetico e di tipo analitico. Oltre all’impoverimento culturale che ne deriva, si corre il rischio di privilegiare uno dei due approcci rispetto all’altro.

Prendendo spunto da queste osservazioni, il Corso si propone di suggerire una selezione di argomenti che possono essere trattati in parallelo nel piano e nello spazio, e seguendo un approccio misto analitico-sintetico che permette di affrontare le stesse questioni da diversi punti di vista.

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Genova-Torino-Milano Seminar: some topics in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry

This Workshop is intended to give both an overview on some recent results on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, and the opportunity to researchers working on similar topics to compare recent results and techniques. The outcome is to strengthen past and present collaborations, to give young researchers the opportunity to present their results, and to meet leading researchers in the aforementioned topics that have a visiting position at a Mathematical Department of a University in one of the three cities, or invited for the event. Similar joint seminars are well consolidated events in the international mathematical world.

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SIMAI 2016

SIMAI 2016 will bring together researchers and professionals in applied analysis, mathematical modeling and scientific computing to promote and stimulate interdisciplinary research in applied mathematics and to foster interactions of the scientific community with industry.

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"Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Engineering" 1st Edition | 3rd-5th June 2015

The course is composed of seven lectures followed by a discussion, and a short workshop dedicated to the analysis of classical rotorcraft design examples, that will be held during three days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (with breaks)

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Incontro con Marco Biroli

Incontro scientifico organizzato dal Dipartimento di Matematica in occasione dei 70 anni di Marco Biroli,  professore ordinario di Analisi Matematica presso il Politecnico, dal 1975 al 2011

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The role of fine-grained sediments in Petroleum Systems

Organized in collaboration with Eni s.p.a, the workshop aims at collecting contributions concerning the study of fine grained sediments at scales ranging from pore to seismic, and their effect on petroleum systems

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EAAE Annual Conference

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“Family Firms in the Global Economy” 20-21 November 2015

The objective of the special conference is to develop a detailed framework of how family involvement in ownership, management and/or governance of firms influences international diversification and global strategic growth.


The event is co-organized by:

Global Strategy Journal

Politecnico di Milano

Bocconi University

Lancaster University

University of Pavia


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Spectral Elements in Elastodynamics: Applications to Seismic Wave Propagation Problems.

This informal meeting aims at discussing recent advances in the field of spectral element methods for seismic wave propagation problems. The focus will be on both theoretical
and computational aspects.

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This course covers a variety of mathematical methods for modeling biological fluids and tissues. Theoretical concepts will be applied to various areas of anatomy and physiology, with a particular emphasis on the human eye since Drs. Arciero, Guidoboni and Harris have an established collaboration that combines their mathematical and clinical expertise to explain the relationship between eye mechanics and hemodynamics and glaucoma incidence and progression.

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Three days on Geometric PDE's

The conference will consist in two minicourses on Geometric PDE’s:

1) Geometric aspects of nonlinear PDE’s: symmetry, splitting and overdetermined boundary value problems (Alberto Farina - Université de Picardie).

2) An introduction to the Ricci flow (Zindine Djadli - Université de Grenoble)

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IFW2015 – Interiors Forum World 2015 3rd International Conference Nomadic Interiors Living and inhabiting in an age of m

Identity and diversity – whether cultural, ethnic, religious or political – mark our contemporary global context on a daily basis. We live in an age that might be defined by migration, of population flow, by the movement of people, of information, of knowledge… From continent to continent, from nation to nation, from region to region, from city to city, individuals or groups of people overcome geographic borders and cultural or linguistic barriers in search of an economic comfort zone; for a new lease on life for their children; as well as for study purposes; for tourism or to experience new lifestyles and social relations.

Proximity, Hybridization, Multiculturalism, Mobility, Identity, Diversity seem to characterize spaces for contemporary life, culture, training, hospitality, leisure, work, commerce and social relations.

- How much have the concepts of place and identity changed in the age of migrations and multiculturalism?

- How have the concept of inhabiting and its forms changed in a condition of global nomadism?

- What new spaces and architectures are generated by the idea and practice of nomadism?

- How much has the collective space of a society, marked by the intensification of mobility, changed?

- What effects did the new technologies of access to knowledge have on spaces and shapes of places for culture, museums, libraries, schools, universities?

- How the idea of contemporary interior has changed and how is it being modified?

- How to redefine the theory and practice of the project of Interior between globalism and localism?

These are some of the questions which Interiors Forum World 2015 «Nomadic Interiors – living and inhabiting in an age of migrations» poses and aims to seek contributions for critical input.


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Il calcolo infinitesimale nei licei IV edizione

Questo corso, giunto ormai alla sua quarta edizione, vuole essere un momento di formazione e di confronto per gli insegnanti di matematica dell’ultimo anno di tutti i licei. Il corso intende offrire una panoramica sui nodi concettuali fondamentali che dovranno rientrare nell'insegnamento, soffermandosi sugli aspetti matematici sia di contenuto che didattici, ma anche sugli aspetti storici e di relazioni con la fisica, che possono costituire motivazioni e orientamenti per l'insegnamento di questa disciplina.

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Control Theory and Related Topics

The Workshop aims to bring together leading researchers on mathematical control theory both deterministic and stochastic, and on evolution equations. It is intended to be a forum to present recent advances and open problems, and an exchange of knowledge between mathematicians working in different but closely related fields.

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21st International Conference on Mathematical Views

The annual international conference on Mathematical Views (MAVI) gathers researchers interested in affective issues in Mathematics Education. Young researchers are specifically invited to participate, and the spirit of the conference is to enhance dialogue and collaboration within our community. Peer-reviewed proceedings, as well as insightful discussions during the presentations, guarantee the quality of the researches presented.

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2nd ANNUAL EDIM PhD CONFERENCE ON MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING “Nurturing Firms’ Competitiveness and Societal Welfare through

EDIM (European Doctorate in Industrial Management, www.edim-phd.eu) and DRIG (Doctorate in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, www.dig.polimi.it), are jointly organizing the 2nd Annual EDIM PhD Conference on Management Engineering. The conference aims at stimulating and advancing leading-edge research in the field of Management Engineering by gathering together PhD Students who work in this field. The 2015 edition focuses on the role and contribution of Management Engineering research for nurturing firms’ competitiveness and social welfare. Senior scholars, leading practitioners and Editors of top-tier Academic Journals will discuss the research work presented by PhD students (research proposal, preliminary or final results) and provide them constructive feedbacks to further develop, disseminate, and promote their research.

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Meeting on Tomography and Applications- Discrete Tomography, Neuroscience and Image Reconstruction 13th Edition

This is the 12th edition of a Meeting on Tomography and Applications organized at the Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano.
The aim of the Meeting is to share interdisciplinary aspects between the experimental research concerning X-ray tomography and the mathematical image reconstruction community.

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The International Workshop on Luxury Retail, and Supply Chain Management


The luxury market grew exceptionally in the last decades and still sparkles despite the global crisis. This is the moment of confirming brand identities and driving towards long-term sustainable success. Supply Chain processes, from sourcing, through production, to distribution in retail stores are the key for creating and maintaining the high standards.

For further details of the fifth edition please visit: www.luxurymanagementconference.com

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Computational Morphologies - Design rules between Nature model and responsive Architecture

The 3rd ECAADE Regional International Workshop will take place at the Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano, Milan (Italy) on 14-15 May 2015 during EXPO 2015. The event intends promote the debate about digital technologies, focusing on the design process and therefore how the concept of architecture is changing together with the production of architecture. The aim is to stimulate the meeting of the young Italian community with the international net of pairs, enlarging the interest to the application of the computational approach from architecture to industrial design. It focus on the use of digital technologies and generative software in the design of innovative forms and materials, particularly those which integrate responsive architecture and physical movement. Finally, it aims to promote the international meeting (and discussion) of teachers, researchers, scholars and PHD candidates that are working on different topics about computer aided design methods and applications.

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Riordan arrays have been introduced in 1991 by L. W. Shapiro, S. Getu, W. J. Woan and L. Woodson with the aim of defining a class of infinite lower triangular arrays with properties analogous to those of the Pascal triangle nd since then they have attracted, and continue to attract, much attention in the literature. In particular, the algebraic tructure of these matrices, their relationship with the computation of combinatorial sums and many combinatorial applications have been studied over the years. 
The minisymposium "Riordan arrays and Related Topics" gathers together  researchers from all over the globe world to present some of their most important recent results on the theory and applications of Riordan arrays and the Riordan group.

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The Third Symposium on OpenFOAM® in Wind Energy (SOWE) is co-hosted by Dipartimento di Meccanica” and “Dipartimento di Energia” at Politecnico di Milano, bringing together people who use OpenFOAM® for wind energy applications. The symposium aims to present the state of the art in wind energy computational approach using OpenFOAM®, allowing people to share knowledge, and identifying common problems that should be addressed.

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In Action with Math si propone come percorso  formativo parallelo rispetto all’attività scolastica regolare.  Ha il duplice scopo di:

  • suscitare nei ragazzi la consapevolezza dell’efficacia delle idee matematiche nella risoluzione di problemi concreti, nell’interpretazione e modellazione di alcuni fenomeni reali;
  • invitare i ragazzi a “vivere” un’esperienza di apprendimento e di  applicazione della matematica da attori propositivi, protagonisti di una sinergia teorico/sperimentale.

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5th Fair Trade International Symposium 2015

Following the development of a vibrant international community of researchers and practitioners around the series of Fair Trade International Symposiums (FTIS – first held in Montreal 2002 and 2006, then Montpellier 2008, and Liverpool 2012), the International Steering Committee are delighted to announce a 5th event to be held in Milan, 29-31 May 2015.

Visit the Facebook page of the FTIS 2015


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P2CWeek 2014 - EUC14 and ISPA14

Parallel and Pervasive Week (P2CWeek) is a premier event covering very important aspects of computing systems. By bringing together two international conferences (EUC and ISPA), and several workshops, P2CWeek allows attendees to benefit from a wide range of topics covering the state of the art in computing systems and architectures research and development. The web site of the event is http://p2cweek.necst.it

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Entrepreneurship for societal challenges

The Early Career Research Conference “Entrepreneurship for societal challenges” will embrace different forms of entrepreneurship aimed at solving societal challenges with the objective of providing the locus of debate for scholars and policy makers. The goal is to improve our understanding of the processes behind these forms of entrepreneurship and to inform policy makers on how to support it.

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2nd ANNUAL EDIM PhD CONFERENCE: Research Challenges in Contemporary Management Engineering

EDIM (European Doctorate in Industrial Management, www.edim-phd.eu) and DRIG (Doctorate in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, www.dig.polimi.it), are jointly organizing the 2nd Annual EDIM PhD Conference on Management Engineering. The conference aims at stimulating and advancing leading-edge research in the field of Management Engineering by gathering together PhD Students who work in this field. The 2015 edition focuses on the role and contribution of Management Engineering research for nurturing firms’ competitiveness and social welfare. Senior scholars, leading practitioners and Editors of top-tier Academic Journals will discuss the research work presented by PhD students (research proposal, preliminary or final results) and provide them constructive feedbacks to further develop, disseminate, and promote their research.

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Workshop "Doing research in healthcare with administrative databases"

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FIRB SNAPLE Closing Workshop

Closing workshop of the starting grant project FIRB Futuro in Ricerca "Advanced statistical and numerical methods for the analysis of high dimensional functional data in life sciences and engineering"

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Sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship Academy

The Academy will help develop a common knowledge-base on the main themes of the sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship community.

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Innovation in Public Finance 2014

Save the date for the 2014 IPF Conference that will be held in Milan, where we will investigate topics on Innovation in Public Finance focusing mainly on PPP/PFI and Project Finance.

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Corporate Governance: a Search for Advanced Standards in the Wake of Crisis


International conference: "Corporate Governance: a Search for Advanced Standards in the Wake of Crisis", May 8, 2014


An economic crisis has shown lack of attention to crucial issues in governance business entities. Recommendations for corporate governance enforcement have been proposed by business community, society and regulators. However, risks, performance, reporting and corporate control issues are still under the discussion.

This conference addresses issues on Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Executive compensations, Audit and Control.

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Milano-Lyon Meeting on Quantum Open Systems

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Noncommutative Analysis, Operator Theory and Applications 2014

This international conference is organized with pedagogical and research aims. It will be devoted to several aspects of the current research activity in operator theory, operator algebras and applications in various areas of mathematics and mathematical physics. Its purpose is to bring together specialists from several fields including Global Analysis, Schur analysis, (Hyper)Complex Analysis, C*-algebras, Noncommutative Geometry, Operator algebras,
Operator theory and their applications. The topics covered, though in different areas, are all intertwined between them and have several applications which will be addressed in the Conference.
A special attention will be paid to young speakers and participants: one of the main goals will be to create an appropriate environment in which PhD students,
PostDoc students and junior researchers may find the opportunity to meet and discuss with first rate senior researchers.

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L'urbanistica italiana nel mondo

L'urbanistica italiana nel mondo

XVI Conferenza Nazionale

Società Italiani degli Urbanisti



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S.Co. 2013

The conference provides a forum for the discussion of new developments and applications of statistical models and computational methods for the analysis of complex and high dimensional data.

A non exhaustive list of the subject areas covered in the conference includes:

  1. - Likelihood inference in complex models;
  2. - Bayesian models for high-dimensional complex-structured data;

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CIMODE - 2° Congresso Internazionale di Moda e Design

CIMODE (CONGRESSO INTERNAZIONALE SULLA MODA E SUL DESIGN) è una piattaforma per la ricerca sulla Moda e sul Design, nata per promuovere lo scambio di idee tra ricercatori, accademici, designer e altri professionisti del settore.

CIMODE (INTERNATIONAL FASHION AND DESIGN CONGRESS) is a Fashion and  Design research platform, promoting exchange of ideas between researchers, academics, designers and other professionals in the fields of Fashion and Design.

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12th European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance

The first day will be dedicated to a forum to enable PhD students to present “works in progress” to experienced academics and practitioners. The main conference will be held on the second and third day in Milano.

conference will provide a forum to present debate and discuss current issues impacting these areas.

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